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The SEO Review Team

January 13, 2017

SEO Has All The Right Numbers

Statistics and data associated with SEO are bewildering to the untrained reader, but they are exciting to a professional. Selecting a Philadelphia SEO company to come alongside your firm is like hiring a cheerleader to raise your spirits and your internet traffic at the same time. It is boring for you to read the numbers, but fun for them. Don’t question it; just give in.

What Difference Does Website Optimization Make?

Actually, Search Engine Optimization involves so much more than maximizing the appeal of your website or evaluating numbers and measurements. There are many strategies that bring an online marketing campaign to life. You don’t know them, but the experts do.

The pros see where you are making mistakes. Don’t worry; everyone makes them and especially when clients try doing everything themselves. The DIY approach can be highly successful, but not when SEO is an alien land of unfamiliar terms and tactics.

How are customers going to discover your business if they don’t already know you are there? They will be led there, thanks to special skills that professionals turn into an art form. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates this particular art form until it translates into higher revenue, but the computer systems and software involved in the virtual worldwide web appreciate SEO tactics. That’s all that matters.

Developing a Plan

seo-strategyWith an idea of what you need most, experts will formulate a strategy. You might need to start an email campaign or re-design your website. Starting a casual blog with a pleasant, informational tone could attract a lot more people to your business, though indirectly. Off-site, one might encourage affiliates to advertise coupons or engage in PPC ads. Consumers read ads, are attracted to coupons, or browse blogs; then they click the link that leads to a sales page where they buy things or discover contact details to arrange for services.

Many companies need help knowing what to say, how to say it, and where to put their writing. Should they employ a business-like style? What are keywords? Why doesn’t grammar matter where keywords are concerned? Content is written, and visual information consumers find them when websites, blogs, or social media pages pop up in search engine results. Trying to arrange wording in a way your high school English teacher would have appreciated isn’t the idea; writers must think like impatient customers. They don’t use full sentences; they give more focus on the important words.

Agents find out what those are, how to arrange them in the correct order, then suggest ways to get that content online. They can even do the writing for you. Provide details, and they will create content.

Good Traffictraffic-congestion-prediction

On the road, traffic is bad. On a business site, traffic is good, but only the sort of traffic that lingers. This is the one of the few times when clearing onlookers slowly is better than moving them along briskly. Visitors should stick around and take a good look. If they leave rapidly, something is potentially wrong with the website or host. Philadelphia SEO companies are able to find out what is wrong and how to fix the problem. After analyzing a web host’s server speed, they often discover that another host offers more reliable service and faster loading times.

Social Media

There are differing views on how Facebook and Youtube affects a company. Some search engines factor posts on these sites into rankings for a business. Others do not. Maybe only the richest posts, full of links to an e-commerce site or advertising a giveaway, are important where ratings are concerned at Google or DuckDuckGo.


Firms like who service Philly clients should always offer to do things in a way that doesn’t upset your conscience. Reputation management, for instance, should involve campaigns to elicit authentic reviews from real customers who simply didn’t think to say how much they liked you. False reviews have no place on the net. Instead of helping ratings go up, they are recognized and penalized by Google and other search engine software. It still boils down to doing things right and being real.