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January 13, 2017

67 Steps To A Good Life

The 67 steps are part of a program created by YouTuber Tai Lopez to help guide and direct people to finding the good life. It’s an investment of time and energy, as well as money if you sign up to the full program online, and is based on advice Tai has picked up over the years from people he has met and worked with, or from philosophies he has read and acted upon himself.

The aim of the 67 steps is to help change your life by changing the way you look at all aspects of the world around you. Experts have calculated that it takes 66 days to reprogram your brain to change your outlook, beliefs and the way you think, but Tai added an extra day to his program because of some of the devilish connotations with the number 66! If you commit to the 67 steps, you should expect to spend between just half an hour and one hour every day working on yourself — a small price to pay for a new outlook on life and a better way of living.

Take the First Step

The first steps are often the hardest, whatever changes you are planning to make. Changing your entire outlook on life is no small change, 67-steps-tai-lopezand it is, therefore, important that you work hard on these early steps to ensure you stick to the 67 steps program. 67 steps can seem a long way to go at the beginning, so make it easier on yourself by setting time aside every day to work on that day’s step. Make sure there are no distractions, and you will find it easier to concentrate on that day’s step and ultimately reach your goal.

If you want to change yourself for the better and live a better life in the process, the first step is one of the most important you can achieve: Be worth a damn and deserve it. Many people find it easier to achieve the first part than the second; being “worth a damn” is simply about investing in yourself, whether that’s your finances, your health or your work. Many people, however, find it harder to accept that they “deserve” what it is they want — whether that is to be richer, healthier or more successful in the office. The 67 steps will only work if you leave step one convinced that you deserve to be happy and successful. That requires many people following the program to make big changes in their outlook on life.

Work Hard to Achieve a Better Life

Many of the 67 steps suggest simple changes to your outlook in life but are often things that people themselves don’t notice or consider themselves. Step 3, for example, “Have Humility” calls for those on the program to develop inner humility; to admit to themselves that there are things they need to change in order to improve their life. In Step 9, Tai points out that much of the information, wisdom, and advice you need to change your life is already out there, in books that have been written by others with more experience. He suggests “reading” a book a day by finding chapters that seem particularly relevant to your needs and focusing on them.

Other steps will take more work, and may even take longer than 67 days to complete or to have the required effect. Step 27 calls on participants to create allies to support them in their quest to live a better life, while Step 3 says that everyone needs to find themselves a mentor; someone who can pass on advice and wisdom they have already picked up through their own experiences. Why not save time and learn from their experiences?

The 67 steps program is not a shortcut to a better life. It is a commitment that calls on participants to take a long, hard look at their career, their relationships, their whole life, in fact. You may not like all of what you see, but the program provides proven methods for changing those aspects you want to change, and will guide you to making changes for the better in every aspect of your life.

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